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Won't there be big problems buying a unique car like your EV? Unlikely - actually it is probably a good decision to go electric, for most people - read why... 

THE zero-emissions vehicle called MR240 is certainly unique, but not unusual - there are more electric car conversions per head in WA than any other state; the association of Electric Vehicle enthusiasts (Australian EV Association, AEVA) is busier in WA than almost any other state, and prospects for EVs are improving all the time. So getting help to maintain this EV is not difficult. More importantly, with so few moving parts (the electric motor has, basically, one!) there is less to go wrong; and with electricity costing about a tenth of the cost of petrol for the same mileage, it is an impressive alternative. 

It is insured with RAC-WA for $28,000. Based on conversion costs and final value. But I am a reasonable man… Make me an offer.

Electric Vehicle Name: MR240

License Plate:  ZEV240

Originally: Toyota 1992 MR2 with ABS braking, Cruise Control, air conditioning, electric windows, sports seats with adjustable back support. 2 door, 2L mid-engined sports car, very good handling and mid-range performance. Mileage at purchase ~140k km.

Purchase history: Bought in Dec 2008 from single previous owner, and shipped from Melbourne for purpose. Driven as ICE (internal combustion engined) vehicle for nearly 2 years. Converted late 2010/11 by, first driven March 2011. Mileage at conversion ~155k km.

Conversion: 150V 9" Netgain DC motor (see performance graph below); traction pack 45 x 100Ah Thundersky Lithium (LFP) batteries and a high-performance 1000A Zilla controller (used by EV drag-racers to beat petrol-powered dragsters!) which is fully programmable and adjustable. Retained gearbox and added Sports clutch to handle extra torque of electric motor; replaced all carbon-heavy existing parts with electric equivalents, e.g. engine, air conditioning, brake vacuum pump. Weight is identical to pre-conversion weight. Performance is slightly better at lower speeds, but I'm  not able to describe high speed performance on a public page like this… talk to me instead. Full engineer's approvals and for licensing approval by Traffic Authority organised by EVshop as part of the conversion. 

Current status: Insured by RAC for $28k;  mileage as EV ~23k km (current mileage ~178k km, or ~8,000 km pa); full service record and charging records available. Also a no-secrets, running history available in the blog entries under the menu above  ZEV240… blog.

Added features: Parking sensors front and rear; GPS with 7" colour touch screen, DVD/CD player, digital TV, AM and FM radio with Bluetooth and iPod interface. Remote locking and auto-disabling security and alarm system. EV decals (all removable if preferred); daytime running lights; LED bulbs where appropriate and white headlights. And of course we have taken away the noisy part of driving most cars...

Service & Maintenance: All servicing and maintenance is currently carried out by standard automotive experts. Others can recommend automotive experts all over the metropolitan area, but I use the following:

Charging around Perth: The car carries its own charger, and simply needs the appropriate plug or connector to access any of the increasing number of charging stations around Perth. Most people charge their EVs at home, or at work. To locate more charging station near you (including shopping centres, Libraries and Businesses of all sorts), there are web apps and smart phone apps. These include Recargo (screen grab below left) and Plug Surfing (below right)

Surprising Factoid: Every home is a potential charging point for an EV.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.51.59 PMphoto

Recargo - an example Smarthphone app to locate public and shared charging points

Netgain: Torque and other characteristics of the Netgain 9" electric motor (graph from Netgain LLC)

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