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That’s me bush walking not too long ago. Now I’m not working so much, I’ve time to make an EV; its a shame my engineering skills receded years and years ago, but maybe that’s what friends are for...  If you want to be my friend, welcome aboard!

My best friends right now are Daniel, the principal at EVshop and Rob his evOffsider who are great tradesmen, and I enjoyed helping them  :-)

With my partner I love travelling, and need to fit that in around the construction of this, my first and probably only electric car. We finally finished it early in 2010. Blame the supply of parts!

Converting a donor ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car to electric is a way to prove I care about the world. Your mileage may vary... :-)  

This blog will record over time the progress AND when its finished, the promotion of EVs in general and my EV, currently named MR240v or Mr 240 for short. The number plate is ZEV 240. In Australia 240 volts is the normal electric supply voltage.

I’d welcome your feedback, there are multiple places. Comment on the ZEV blog or the Issues blog and even the Surveys Page. And answer the current quiz or suggest another one, and gradually all your quiz answers will be collated on the Surveys page.

The Issues pages might diverge onto topics like total cost of ownership, electricity load levelling, food miles and other vaguely related topics, so you might have to push me back on track occasionally. The plan is is just that - a plan, and it might change. Hang on, as the ride may be a bit unpredictable...

  1. 1.Issues: Places Mr240 is mentioned.. EValbum, DIYelectricCar, EVworld, our very own AEVA forum

  2. 2.Blog:Collecting photos for a 1500km ‘First Summary’ page.

  3. 3.Issues: A checklist of being green - add: Make an EV [_]

  4. 4.What to do about interference on the EV’s stereo?

  5. 5.Glyde-In talk on eBikes and eCars

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